All the excitement of a major sports event - what could top that?

There you are lucky enough to have tickets to a Major League Baseball playoff game. YOUR home team the Minnesota Twins is about to take on the dreaded Houston Astros, the weather is absolutely perfect - what could be better? The only thing that could top it all is one of the coolest traditions in all sports - and it's about to arrive at Target Field.

Now picture yourself at work, way, way, WAY high in the sky

You can hear the roar of the crowd down below, making it hard to focus on the job at hand - which is construction. As jealous as you may be that you aren't down below soaking up some rays and drinking a cold one, you still have a deadline. Not to mention your job involves extreme concentration and staying as safe as possible ( there is NO way I could ever do it ) - but then your whole crew hears it coming, the sounds, and the tradition is about to come happen in about a matter of seconds - literally. Check out this video:

Of the 40,000-plus people WAY down below - YOU had the best advantage of anyone

It's called a fly-over, and according to "...The members of the 148th Fighter Wing..." roared past you and your work crew. It's one of the most stunning things you'll ever see up close, OR from the ground.

CBS Sports MLB
CBS Sports MLB

Feeling the raw speed and power of these beautiful planes.


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