A frightening story that just keeps getting even more haunting

This story erupted just a couple of days ago - on Monday, a shocking post/video from a local 21-year-old woman, going about her day - and part of that is going to Planet Fitness. You can clearly see in her video a situation that rattled her uncontrollably - something so intrusive and scary that it's hard to even imagine the fear that she was going through - here is what the Bismarck Police Department Facebook page posted Monday afternoon.

Bismarck Police Investigate Suspected Hidden Camera at Planet Fitness


            Bismarck Police Investigators are looking into an incident involving a suspected hidden camera found in a tanning bed at Planet Fitness after a customer located a recording device today during a tanning session.

            Around 10:35 am, officers responded to Planet Fitness to investigate a suspected video recording device found in a tanning bed at Planet Fitness.  A 21-year-old woman reported the device and was able to turn that device over to a Bismarck Police Officer.  It is currently unknown what was recorded on that device, how many people were recorded, and how long that the recordings have taken place.  Investigators are working to access the device to answer those questions.

       Bismarck Police Department considers recording laws to be serious offenses in which an individual’s right to privacy is breached.  As this investigation ensues, detectives will work to identify more potential victims and contact them as they are identified. 


Just yesterday afternoon ( Tuesday ) an arrest was made. Suspect Layton Kessler. The latest news is this - according to kfyrtv.com  "Officers say 26 video files were found on the recording device’s SD card, and, as of right now, five contained footage of four different women. Police say there are multiple videos where 45-year-old Layton Kessler is seen in footage setting up the device. Authorities say Kessler admitted to setting up the camera in the tanning booth through text messages to his manager" No word yet on what his bail will be and how long he will be in jail.


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