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Due to current weather conditions, the Bismarck-Mandan Stock Car Association (BMSCA) has made the decision to postpone this weekend's Mandan Meltdown presented by Mandan Automotive, scheduled for April 26-27.

Discussion is ongoing for a potential rescheduled date. We appreciate your understanding and hope to see you at the track soon!



"If I was a betting man..." - Have you ever heard that expression?

That's the only thing that popped into my head late last Friday night. I was sitting out on my 2nd-floor balcony, enjoying a late-night cigar and smiling to myself thinking about sleeping in, when I heard the rumblings in the distance - the noise seemed to come from Mandan.

So I said to myself "If I was a betting man...

...I would say that sound is coming from Mandan - The Dacotah Speedway to be exact" Was I right? I mean, I have heard that noise before in years past - all the cool action going on, getting ready to thrill the crowd on The Dacotah Speedway's high-banked, 3/8 mile dirt/clay oval track.\

Dacotah Speedway Facebook
Dacotah Speedway Facebook

Well that noise I heard was Last Friday night

The last couple of days we have had some rain roll into town - Which caused Dacotah Speedway to put out this post today:


Due to impending weather and potential poor track conditions, the Bismarck-Mandan Stock Car Association has POSTPONED this weekend's Opening Night Mandan Meltdown presented by Mandan Automotive to next weekend, April 26-27.
All the same exciting racing action, with a new date. We'll see you NEXT weekend!"
  I seem to recall there was some lousy weather last year that delayed a few events at the Speedway. Get yourself and your whole family ready to go out and enjoy a warm summer night watching exciting action on the track - a tradition enjoyed by so many.

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