Certain moments say it all, I saw one this afternoon at Kirkwood Mall

This morning Bismarck Townsquare Media, Scheels, and Salvation Army kicked off our Operation Christmas Morning at Kirkwood Mall. Our cluster of radio stations had a tent set up right outside one of the entryways to Scheels. Our goal was simple - to make it so every child in Bismarck, Mandan, and Lincoln would have a present to open under the tree on Christmas morning.

MOST of us had never experienced that before growing up

We all seemed to have a huge vivacious Christmas tree in the living room, all lit up, with what looked like a million wrapped gifts just taunting us for days. I honestly never came across any young boy or girl that didn't have that huge grin on their face waiting for Santa Claus - and yet sadly the Salvation Army informed us there were at least 600 families still facing Christmas day with no presents -nothing. We meant to change today, and let me tell you something, the generosity from people, and FAMILIES all around who stopped by to donate - a couple from Wishek, ND bought some items and dropped them off right then and there - A UPS driver made a personal delivery of over $100 in toys - AND then the certain moment happened, and I'll never forget it...

Bryan Kocourek and Aurora Hayes from Railway Credit Union here in Mandan brought all of us this cool surprise. The donations kept coming, from cash to dolls and blankets ( Thank you Marcus ) - Melissa from Scheels said it perfectly - "North Dakota Nice"

I think I received an outstanding gift just by watching North Dakotans doing what they do best, taking care of others!

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