Once again I think Bismarck People Reporting News Facebook Group page is a great place to get a feel of what's going on...

...in Bismarck and Mandan. I often go on there to see what people are thinking, and saying about pretty much anything going on - usually if there is a breaking situation unfolding, there will be concerned questions, and comments about what is happening. The moderators of this group do a fantastic job tackling those that are negative and are solely all about confrontation. So I came across an interesting question not long ago - "Should kids be allowed in BisMan bars during the daytime?"

Well first of all, what are the laws pertaining to kids in a bar in North Dakota?

There are separate designated areas that some places have for dining- smaller towns have bars that serve food - but that isn't the point that some people will want to make -  bars are not a place for kids - period. Alcohol is for adults - period. Of course, kids aren't immune to those that are older than 21 and are drinking around them - AND what separates a BAR from a BAR and Grill? One of the owners of Station West Bar & Grill made sure that others knew they have a completely separate area for families.

Out of the 163 comments flat-out said "NO"

"NO" was quite common the answer, and one person put simply said "21 and older, no exceptions" No offense to kids out there, but most adults escape to bars to relax and get away from children - on the flip side to that, alcohol changes the way others react around each other, kids don't need to be around that.


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