A Mayor and her town were left stunned

Imagine living in a town where there is no police department, and no sheriffs - law, and order are up to the citizen's morals. Kind of sounds like something out of the olden day. That is sort of the situation that is going on in a tiny Minnesota town, 1,000 plus residents who now find themselves without a police department. Imagine the shock If you were the Mayor of this little city and the whole police department quit.

This is an extremely delicate matter - and I can understand both sides of this dilemma

According to insider.com "The entire police force of a small Minnesotan city collectively resigned, potentially leaving the city of just over 1,000 people without a functioning police department, according to officials" NBC News reported "...all employees of the Goodhue Police Department quit their roles over pay issues, citing Mayor Ellen Anderson Buck, speaking at a City Council meeting on Monday" Here is the ironic part, the meeting was originally scheduled to talk about pay increases  - but it was too late - the resignations had already taken place.

The police chief said the $22-an-hour pay gave "zero incentive" for officers to be on call.

This is where many people will part ways with their opinions on this - When a man or woman decides to enter law enforcement - one would think that their salary would be understood and accepted. If you go take the position and accept the oath to protect and serve, is it wrong to break that and leave people in jeopardy? My feeling is that ANYONE who puts on a uniform and steps out the door to put their lives on the line to keep their community safe SHOULD be paid fairly - paid the same amount as others in other departments.

What is fair though?

Goodhue Police Chief Josh Smith resigned on August 9th - ""There's zero incentive to come out here to a small town, low pay, being on call, affecting your free time and everything else," NBC News reported. The sad thing is this - I'm sure this was a tough decision to quit something they put their heart and soul into. "This is heartbreaking to us," Mayor Ellen Anderson Buck said Monday, according to AP News. It obviously is for everyone.

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