In my opinion, the title of this story says it all

Come on now, let's admit it - we have all been frustrated at one time or another when we find ourselves approaching the orange cones and signs that pretty much spell out DELAYS. We are smack dab into the summer season, and that brings out road construction - more so than ever when you live in North Dakota. WHY?

Well the OBVIOUS is why...

...winter out here doesn't allow us to do much except hibernate at home most days. So when construction season is underway, there will be more than one or two people who will definitely vent out on social media. I have often wondered about the mindset of what it takes to be out among traffic trying to complete a road construction job ( the physical part of the job is more than obvious )

Yesterday at Sickies Garage Burgers and Brews I looked across the street and saw a COOL ( literally ) moment

I just had to take a couple of minutes and dart across the street to see these guys - there were 5 of them, all wearing a key lime-colored shirt - "NAASTAD BROTHERS INC" - is what it said. Roel, Rolly, John, CJ, and Andy were taking a break, sitting at a table right next to MO'S Snow Shack    - all of the cooling off in the 98 degrees heat, enjoying a snow cone that their boss Adam treated them to. This group is based out of Hatton, ND Excavating Contractor



I had a few questions that I needed to ask...

... "In general, how do people here in town treat you guys?"  To my surprise, they all pretty much agreed that overall Bismarck/Mandan folks are somewhat behaved - sure there is the sound of those who wish to lean on their horns AND an occasional jerk who thinks it's all about "him or her" and will shout out some negative words. I was amazed, I would have guessed half their day out there on State State would be dealing with unhappy people - Roel told me one such individual stopped to drop off a case of Gatorade for the guys. This certain team has been working on the turn lanes, and they have been at it for about two months. One of them told me they do "Earth Work", and that was obvious as well. All 5 men treated me with courtesy and respect, once again in 98 degrees of heat

The part of my 10-minute conversation that impressed me the most was an answer to my question..."What do you like about your job the most?"

"We're All Family" - that was a quick modest answer, and I loved every single word.

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