Onward these North Dakota boys move on to one of the coolest spectacles in all of sports

Without a doubt, this is my favorite time of year - memories of my childhood flare up and I think back to the sound of my cleats grinding on the infield dirt. The smell of hot dogs in the stands, the crack of the bat - wearing my uniform with my stirrup songs - was such a wonderful time.

Little Leaguers all around the country - boys and girls between the ages of 7-12 all have one thing in common

First of all, there is nothing like opening day - when your parents are in the stands ( my dad was my coach ) - when all the teams in your league march out onto the field - butterflies hopping all around inside your stomach. Every coach, player, and parent has a golden vision - that one day they will find themselves in Williamsport, Pennsylvania - the site of the Little League World Series. I never came close to experiencing that dream - these young ND kids are on their way.

First time in North Dakota HISTORY!

Can you imagine being a part of this? Check it out - according to kfyrtv.com "After defeating South Dakota 9 to 7 in the Midwest Regional Championship, North Dakota will be heading to the Little League World Series for the first time ever"  They will now wear and represent the Midwest in the WORLD SERIES!!! The series begins on Wednesday.

Sit back and smile while watching these 46 seconds of gold! Good Luck Fargo Little Leaguers - you've made a State proud!

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