I am so looking forward to this Saturday...

...besides my trip out to Carson, for the 14th Annual Rods N Rock Car Show, immediately after I will take our station vehicle and steer it towards the direction of Fort Yates. This is easily one of my favorite places in North Dakota. It's only 46 miles from Mandan - some people TRY and complain about the drive ( which is only about 50 minutes ) - I tell them right away that the scenery slowly takes all your worries away, as you travel each mile, you're getting closer to a magical place, where you'll be treated with respect, and all the tension will be left behind you. This is what Prairie Knights Casino & Resort is all about.

An incredible summer at Prairie Knights continues

Isn't that the truth? Entertainment at Prairie Knights has been thru-the-roof awesome - a couple of weeks ago ZZ TOP hit the stage -  last week George Thorogood, and continuing on with stellar acts this Saturday Stone Temple Pilots!!!

Prairie Knights Casino Facebook
Prairie Knights Casino Facebook
The Stone Temple Pilots will be live at Prairie Knights on Saturday, August 19!STP initially rose to fame as part of the grunge movement of the early 1990s going on to massive success with hits like “Sex Type Thing”, “Wicked Garden”, Grammy-winning smash single “Plush”, plus "Vasoline", "Interstate Love Song", "Creep", "Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart" and "Sour Girl".
Click here to get your tickets before it's too late! https://prairieknights.com/events/stone-temple-pilots/

Someone, please correct me if I am wrong...

...but I believe this will be the first time Stone Temple Pilots has performed in North Dakota, and if that is true, what a fantastic venue this place is. Do yourself a favor and don't miss this concert - let's all stand as one and serve them a massive helping of "North Dakota Nice" - Honestly I can't think of a more perfect place than Prairie Knights!


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