This may be the perfect time of year to post this question to you...

...however, MOST of us will have an idea of where, but definitely will not act upon it, I know without giving it a second thought I sure won't. I mean listen, go ahead and call me a prude, but if GOD wanted us to shed our clothes and run unabashedly into the Missouri River he would have provided us permanent blindfolds at birth. The reason WHY I say this is a "perfect time of year" to even think about flip-flopping into the water naked is that the weather is getting HOT this week.

If you are the adventurous type, where would you guess is the best place to skinny dip in North Dakota?

Yes, I'm quite that the Missouri River would pop up quickly in your mind. According to - they put out an article titled 801 "Skinny Dipping Spots in the USA"  - I find it somewhat interesting to see all the favorites from each state listed, just in case you are traveling out and about in our fine country, and you feel like taking a mad dash naked - somewhere. I'll get to North Dakota's favorite spot in just a second, but in case you are headed out to Minnesota in the next few days or so, "With its crystal-clear waters, Lake Superior is ideal for skinny dipping"

Now for the drum roll. and to begin dropping your pants...

...Lake Metigoshe, North Dakota has been deemed a desirable place for nudity - once again according to "Lake Metigoshe is the perfect spot for a refreshing skinny dip in North Dakota. The lake is located in the center of Metigoshe State Park and offers beautiful views of the surrounding prairie" - SO, grab your towel and nothing else and head on out there!

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