** Update: Bookings on the website appear to be closed/full. Contact the mall for more details.**

The Barbie movie's success is nothing short of incredible.

We are three weeks into the release of the film, and it has already nearing $1 billion in the box office.


Photos Galore

I'm sure you've seen people all over the world posting pink-themed pictures on social media.

Maybe you've even seen people post pictures inside of a doll box. If you're bummed you haven't had an opportunity to get your barbie-theme picture, you're in luck.

Pop-Up Barbie Photo Sessions

Get all of your pink gear and head down to the Kirkwood Mall. This Saturday, August 5th, there will be a pop-up Barbie-themed photo opportunity.

According to AllEvents.com, the photo session is being hosted by Photography by Lu. There will be a Barbie closet backdrop and a barbie box backdrop.

Note: As far as I can tell, this is an event geared towards kids only.

Heads Up!

It does look like you have to book your spot in advance. Another thing to keep in mind, for the most part, it's a BYOA situation. (Bring your own accessories).

Packages start at $75 and could be as much as $150, depending how many barbie-themed pictures you want to take.


The pop-up will be in the play area of the Kirkwood Mall. I'm sure you won't miss all the pink!

Thanks for reading, enjoy your beautiful Barbie moment, and be sure to show us your pics when you're done. TTFN!


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