Macaulay Culkin can easily be labeled as one of the most successful child stars of the 90's.


You probably know him from the Home Alone franchise, but he's been in a ton of other great movies like The Good Son, Pagemaster, and My Girl.

Over the years, we haven't seen Macaulay come up much in the headlines --aside from the news of him marrying former Disney Channel star, Brenda Song, but it did just come out earlier this month, that he finally got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (December 1st 2023).

Macaulay Culkin Honored With Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame
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A North Dakota Native

As it turns out, Macaulay Culkin's mother is originally from North Dakota. How cool is that?! I had a hard time pinpointing which town she is from, but I've heard she and her family once resided in Dickinson.

Multiple people on Reddit said, that Culkin and his family visited Lake Sakakawea on multiple occasions, though I can't confirm this.

According to People Magazine, in addition to five brothers, Culkin had a sister with an interesting name... Dakota.

I can't be certain of this, but I'm willing to bet Macaulay's sister, Dakota Culkin, was named by their mother as a tribute to her home state.

Unfortunately, Dakota Culkin passed away at age 29. According to ABC News, she was tragically hit by a car in Los Angeles in 2008.

Return To North Dakota

Over the years, there haven't been any reports of Macaulay coming to North Dakota for a visit, but call me optimistic because I'm not going to rule it out as an possibility. What do you think? - Will it happen?

Did you know Macaulay Culkin's mom is from North Dakota? Have you ever seen her? Do you know her family? Give us the scoop; send us a message through our app!


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