North Dakota is full of intelligent people. Have you ever wondered where we rank in comparison to other states? A study was done by Test Guide; it looked at IQ scores, graduation rates, ACT & SAT scores, and percentage of those holding college degrees.

The goal of the study was to see which state is the smartest.

Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall which is the smartest state of them all? According to the source, the smartest state overall is Vermont.

Vermont is followed by Minnesota, and New Hampshire.

Lowest Ranking

If you're wondering which state go the lowest score, the source claims it's Mississippi. Mississippi is followed by Nevada and New Mexico.

North Dakota

So, where does North Dakota rank? We are doing pretty good; North Dakota just missed the top ten smartest states list, coming in at number 11.

The average IQ of a North Dakotan is 101.7, which puts us in the top 5 for IQ scores.

According to, the IQ scale works as follows:

Above 130 -- Very gifted

121-130 -- Gifted -- 2.1% of the population

111 - 120 Above Average Intelligence -- 6.4% of the population

90-110 -- Average Intelligence -- 15.7% of the population

80-89 -- Below Average Intelligence -- 51.6% of the population

70-79 Cognitively Impaired -- 6.4% of the population


New Mexico, Louisiana, and Mississippi had the lowest IQ scores. New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Minnesota were in the top 3 for IQ scores.


Do you agree with these findings? If you're like me you're tempted to take a free online IQ test to see where you fall.

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