There's a new place you might want to check out with your friends.

A new bar is opening in Mandan this weekend and it even has a special theme.

Aviators Bar

Aviators Bar opens tonight (Friday, April 12th).

I've only seen a few pictures, but it looks like its themed around all things aviation, which I'm sure you could've guessed.

The news of this new spot came up on my Facebook. According to the post, the bar will be opening its doors at three o'clock.

It sits at 202 west Main St., in Mandan and is listed as a sports bar.

According to the business' Facebook page, they will serve 20 tap beers, including micro brews. It also says they will have some food options (pizza).

Not going to lie, I had to look up what a "Micro brew" is.

According to Merriam Webster, microbrews are usually ales or beers made with special malts and hops, unfiltered and unpasteurized, and thus distinctive in their aroma and flavor.

It also said many microbreweries double as bars/restaurants. -- Don't judge me for having to look this up.


Will you be stopping here with your friends? Do you think it will be filled with all kinds of cool aviation knick-knacks? I'm willing to be the person who opened this bar is/was a pilot.

Another question: Do you think we need another bar in Mandan? Do you think people will fill the place up this weekend.

As always thanks for reading & TTFN!


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