Times are tough. People are struggling to make ends meet. In situations like this we sometimes see people shoplift to get the things they need.

It's both not a great thing to do and not a great thing to have to do. I'm so happy we have so many charities and soup kitchens in North Dakota; we don't see nearly as much theft/crime as other places.

That said, theft still does happen.


Most Commonly Stolen Grocery Item In North Dakota

What is the most commonly stolen grocery item in North Dakota. I'm specifically talking about food and/or drinks here, not household items.

According to Tasting Table, the most commonly stolen grocery item in our state isn't what you'd expect.

No, it's not alcohol.

No, it's not milk. -- I feel like that one would be hard to hide under your shirt.

No, it's not coffee, which would be my guess. It's a necessity, and it's expensive.

No, it's not even candy. -- My weakness.

The source claims the most commonly stolen grocery item, in North Dakota is cheese.


Surprising, right?!

Cheese is not only the most commonly stolen grocery item in North Dakota, but worldwide.

According to ControlTekUK.com, 4 percent of cheese on store shelves ends up stolen.

Why Cheese?

When you think about it, it does make sense. It's small. You often cook with it. It's delicious and addicting. It's also very expensive and the price only continues to rise.

Cheese is also easier to steal than other items because of how it is displayed at grocery stores. Grocers tend to put in a lower, easy-to-reach refrigerated area, that is hard to monitor and nearly impossible to lock up.


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