North Dakota is a nice, quiet place to live; most of the time, we’re not stressed out, honking our horns, flipping-off other drivers, or in some huge hurry. With that, you might be surprised to learn, that North Dakota's car insurance rates have increased 52%, according to

North Dakota Drivers Have More Speeding Tickets Than Any Other State

The source claims that North Dakota ranks at number one for most speeding tickets (2024), which has led to the 52% increase in insurance.

8.7% of North Dakota drivers have speeding tickets on record, according to a study conducted by the source.

The average insurance rate for a North Dakotan is $149. The study also found that the average insurance rate for a North Dakotan with a speeding ticket on your record (full coverage) is $226 a month.

How/Why Did This Happen?

The source speculates that our low fines could contribute to the higher speeding rates and tickets.

A citation for 25 mph over the limit is about $15; in many other states, it could be as high as $300, according to the source.

Last year, in April, a Senate bill was proposed that would double speeding fines for people driving 21 miles over the speed limit. Unfortunately, it did not pass.

Efforts are being made to counter the speeding issue in North Dakota, but those efforts do not make it very far.

Fun Fact: The maximum posted speed limit in the state of North Dakota on interstates is 75 mph.

The Top Five States With The Most Speeding Tickets

1. North Dakota

2. Wisconsin

3. Ohio

4. Iowa

5. Idaho

How It Was Calculated

In order to identify the states with the most speeding tickets, the source looked at car insurance quote applications.

They also looked at the state of each individual drivers residence, and violations on their driving record within the past seven years.

They compared the number of drivers in each state that reported at least one speeding ticket, to the overall number of drivers from each state in the database.

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