You know the old saying, "Life is short," right? Have you ever wondered how short it actually is? Morbid, I know.

A study was done by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) analyzing the life expectancy (at birth) for each state, and overall for the entire country.

To clarify, when we say "At birth," we mean the average number of years a person would expect to live in a particular area according to mortality rates and under the assumption a person would be in general good health. This, according to

Something else to keep in mind is that there is a life expectancy gap between men and women--women usually living several years longer than men.

Even though modern medicine and technology is constantly advancing and evolving, the life average life expectancy between both men and women is 77.

North Dakota

According to the study, North Dakota falls right in the middle when comparing life expectancy rates to other states.

The state with the highest life expectancy is 80.7, between both men and women.

The state with the lowest life expectancy, sadly, is Mississippi at 71.9.

So, where does North Dakota rank? According to the source, the average Male in North Dakota lives to the age of 74.2, while women live to be about 80. This gives the state an average of 76.9.

Are You Surprised?

Would you expect North Dakotans to live longer? --After all, many studies have found that moderately cold climates increase longevity and decrease susceptibility to age-related diseases. This, according to

Despite what people say or what this study found, I hope you live past that age and have a beautiful life.


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