You hear about million dollar mansions and unique homes on Zillow all the time. While it’s fun to look at those things in your free time, have you ever wondered what people are looking at the most?

North Dakota Zillow Views

What about North Dakota specifically? Have you ever wondered what North Dakota‘s most viewed Zillow listing is? Well, I have; I looked it up and what I found was kind of surprising.

According to North Dakota‘s most viewed Zillow listing isn’t a house, it isn’t a mansion, and it isn’t land that’s up for sale.

What Is It?

It’s actually a school. The school is located in Hunter, North Dakota and is listed at $150,000,.

I know what you’re thinking, you can buy a school?! Well, technically, it’s not a school anymore, so yes, you can buy a former school. 

According to the source, the school is now a home, complete with two woodworking shops, a music room with a stage and a bunch of other rooms you can pretty much turn into whatever you want.

According to the listing, the former school has 7 beds 11 bathrooms and is a total of 25,496 sq ft. --That’s not even to mention the backyard, which isn’t even a backyard; it’s a huge lot where children used to play tennis and football and have PE class. 

What School Was It?

The school was once called Northern Cass School and is 40 minutes from Fargo-Morehead. If you like a good project, this one has endless possibilities.

The school is listed by CJ Anderson Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Premier Properties, and has been on Zillow for 122 days. To date, it has 2802 views. Take a look at all the photos!

North Dakota's Most Viewed Zillow Listing

Here's what people are checking out the most.

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Would you buy this? Would you feel comfortable living in a school? ...I wonder what the utility bills would be for a place like this.

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