We’re always looking for new restaurants to try and lucky for us, downtown Bismarck has plenty of unique places.

A New Food Option Coming Soon

Keep your eyes open; a new restaurant is opening in Bismarck at 515 E. Main St.

According to downtownbismarck.com, a Vietnamese restaurant called JOMO House will be opening. The source says a project has been approved, and the building at this location will undergo some interior renovations before it opens.

The source also says the restaurant will serve coffee, tea, and food.

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What Is Vietnamese Food?

If you've never had Vietnamese food and you're curious, like me, you might want to know what Vietnamese food is like.

According to Seriouseats.com, Vietnamese cuisine uses fresh herbs, spices, and other fresh ingredients. It has a wide range of flavors: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and spicy. A lot of recipes use ingredients like lemon grass, ginger, mint, chili, and Thai basil leaves.

A Couple Popular Dishes:

**Keep in mind, I can't guarantee these dishes will be on JOMO House's menu; these are just to give you an idea.**

Pho Bo is a popular Vietnamese dish which is basically a beef noodle soup.

Bun Cha is another dish commonly served at Vietnamese restaurants; it’s grilled pork and noodle and herbs.

Opening Date

Unfortunately, there's not a lot of information available about the restaurant just yet, so we do not know when exactly the renovations will start and/or when the restaurant will open. Keep checking back for updates!

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