The National Football League's pre-season thankfully has wrapped up.

It gets harder and harder to watch every year as virtually no starters play at any position.  It's full of rookies and career backup players trying to make a roster.  Unwatchable in my opinion.

This is especially true at the quarterback position in the NFL.

Not every team has a serviceable backup quarterback, this is very apparent as you watch an NFL pre-season game.  A good share of the teams don't really have a decent QB #2 that could actually win a game for you when you needed it.  Especially, considering how many teams actually go the whole season with the same signal caller behind the center.  They are few and far between.

Only about a 1/3 of all NFL QB's in 2022-2023 started all 17 of their games last season.

That means most teams need a serviceable backup quarterback at some point during the regular season.  Yet, instead, so many teams put their money elsewhere towards their roster.

Even the biggest Carson Wentz "hater" would have to agree he would be MORE than a serviceable backup for an NFL team.

Carson's been on the record saying he would take backup quarterback money.  Now, that the subpar training back quarterbacks have been exposed and cuts have been made, don't be surprised if Carson's name is still called at some point this week prior to the start of the season or during.  He's only an injury away from being in need and he would be a very nice insurance policy for any NFL team.

According to a recent CBS article, there are still 5 possible landing spots for Carson Wentz this season.

The five potential suitors for backup quarterback-challenged teams include the Bears, Bills, Chiefs, Dolphins, and the Rams.

I sure hope this happens.  I know he would be a serious upgrade at backup QB for my favorite team the Minnesota Vikings.

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