Savanah Benz, a 2022 graduate of Bismarck St. Mary's High School is about to spread her wings.

The country singer has high aspirations and is moving to Nashville.  Savanah will be attending Belmont University.  She'll be seeking a degree in music and business.

Savannah won't be giving up performing while living in Nashville.  She told me she plans to play some gigs while she's in school.  A big goal of hers is to get on Broadway to perform in Nashville.  Savanah also plans to get into more songwriter rounds that she has done before on previous trips to Nashville.

If you've never seen Savanah Benz perform before, you have one last opportunity this year before her big move.

Savanah will be doing an all-ages show from the Stone Home Brewing's rooftop this Friday, August 11th from 7 pm to 10 pm.  This concert is open to the public and everyone is welcome.

Savanah Benz
Savanah Benz

I've been fortunate enough to see Savanah's shows several times, not to mention she has performed some of her songs live on US 103-3.  It's been fun to see her growth over the years, and I have a feeling there are some big things ahead for the country music singer.

Savanah knows that going to school and trying to break into the music scene in Nashville could be a big task.

But she went on to tell me she is so ready.  This is something she has always dreamed of.  Moving to Nashville and taking her shot at being a country music singer, songwriter, and performer.  She's so excited for the opportunity.

We are excited for you too Savanah Benz.  She has become a regular performer in and around the Bismarck area.  Savanah will still be flying back to North Dakota at times to continue her gigs and plans to be back for summer shows.

We wish you all the best Savanah Benz, and don't forget about us when you hit the big time.  Find out more about Savanah Benz here.

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