Memorial Highway in Mandan is one of the city's busiest corridors.

The radio stations I work for (Townsquare Media) are located right on Memorial Highway or as we all affectionately call it "The Strip".

We have been hearing from the city of Mandan for a couple of years, that a major construction project is coming to the Strip.  This construction will likely change how we enter and exit our workplace.

Numerous businesses are also located on Memorial Highway in Mandan, and they will also be affected.

We were told by the city last year, that construction would begin during the construction season in 2024.

Some preparation was done this past year with locating utility lines and other mapping and planning projects.

Now, it appears the actual construction process on The Strip in Mandan will be pushed back another year.

According to the city of Mandan website, this project will have three more phases.  The reconstruction project has undergone some phasing and drainage revisions following coordination between the city of Mandan and the North Dakota Department of Transportation.

Phase 1 and 2 will now take place in 2025 and will include:

Construction of the east storm sewer system.  Construction will also begin on the east half of Memorial Highway from approximately 32nd Avenue Southeast to approximately  46th Avenue Southeast.

Replacement of underground utilities will also happen, curb and gutter, updating on lighting and traffic signals, and the addition of a bicycle and pedestrian path.

Phase 3 in 2026 will include:

The same work as mentioned above in phases 1 and 2 but will take place on the west half of Memorial Highway from approximately East Main Street to approximately 32nd Ave Southeast.

Here's a map from the North Dakota Department of Transportation showing the construction timeline.

North Dakota Department of Transportation
North Dakota Department of Transportation

I think most of us who use The Strip for our commute can all breathe a deep sigh of relief. We've got another year not to worry about a construction nightmare.

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