A website named My Dating Advisory recently came up with a list of the 170 "coziest" small towns in America.

We actually had not one, but TWO North Dakota towns make the list!

One of them was even in the top 10 in the country.  More on these two cities in a moment.

As you can probably tell by the title of this article, this list is based on a winter getaway for lovers.  Not to mention this comes from a dating website.

They based their data on comparing small towns across the country on weather, food, and activities.  Each of those three dimensions was then analyzed using 10 relevant metrics of cozy town friendliness.  For once, our North Dakota winter weather actually worked in our favor.  Not to mention we do have some friendly people in North Dakota.  I mean after all, who hasn't heard of North Dakota "nice" before?

So, without further ado, let's unveil the two "coziest" towns in North Dakota.

Up first is Garrison, North Dakota.  Garrison came in at #69.  This cozy small town scored so-so in activities and food but scored well with its winter weather.  The city of Garrison has received accolades in some of my other articles like "The Coolest Small Towns in America", you can read about that here.

Garrison, North Dakota is widely known for its outdoor opportunities with its close proximity to Lake Sakakawea, but I guess it's got it going on for lovers in the winter time too.  Somebody cue Marvin Gaye.

Google Maps Screenshot
Google Maps Screenshot

That brings us to North Dakota's coziest of them all.

The town that makes you want to light a fire, sip on some hot chocolate and cuddle with your sweetie is none other than Medora, North Dakota. 

Fritz Fritz Fritz Facebook
Fritz Fritz Fritz Facebook

Medora, North Dakota was named the 6th coziest small town in America!

That's pretty impressive.  Medora scored really well in winter weather, food, and of course, its breathtaking scenery. 

There you go winter loving couples.  You've got two destinations in the Peace Garden State to enjoy this winter.  Put another log on the fire.

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