There's a new business that is opening its doors in Bismarck TODAY!

This business will specialize in helping your body muscles recover and renew your mind.  Have you ever heard of flotation therapy?  Well, it's a thing and they are officially taking appointments now.


Introducing DRiFT flotation therapy in the Capital City.

You can find them at 216 North 14th Street (West side).  Their phone number is 701-954-8843 if you would like to make an appointment, as today is their first official day open for business.

I have to ask, what is DRiFT, floating therapy and how does it work?

According to business owner Renae Grimes, flotation therapy is a zero gravity, sensory deprivation room designed to help you recover and renew.  The flotation rooms include your own private shower and float pool that is filled with Epson salt solution, which effortlessly removes the effects of gravity.

Your body, the room air, and the float solution are all the same temperature, to limit the sense of feeling.  You can turn off the light to limit the sense of sight, and choose music or to be soundless, to limit the sense of hearing.  The process is to enter a "dream-like" state to open up your deepest healing, learning, and imaginative processes.

The physical and cognitive benefits?

Aids in workout and injury recovery.  Reduces stress and anxiety.  Relieve aches and pains.  Improves circulation.  Improves sleep.  Reduces headaches.

I have to admit, this sounds interesting.  As somebody who struggles with sleeping, I might have to give it a shot.  If you struggle with chronic pain or are recovering from an injury, this could also be an option.

You know what they say...Everything is better with water.

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