Next time you go through the city that features "Salem Sue", you have another reason to stop.


New Salem, North Dakota, located about 30 minutes from Mandan has a new watering hole.  It's in the former Sunset Cafe building at 1305 8th Avenue North in New Salem.

The new building will feature both a bar and a cafe.  Its new name is The Bull Pen.

New Salem Journal Screenshot
New Salem Journal Screenshot

According to an article in the New Salem Journal, manager Jeanine Monahan invites everybody out to try a cold beverage, play some games, and have a burger or some apps.

The Bull Pen's current hours are 4 pm to 12 midnight Monday through Saturday.

They are also open on Sundays by request and plans are to be open on Super Bowl Sunday.  The Bull Pen plans to expand its hours once all the renovations to the rest of the building are done.

The full cafe is not open yet, but the dining room is open with a limited menu (burgers, chicken sandwiches, and appetizers).  It looks like the cafe is about a month away from being fully open.  Once that happens, there will be a Grand Opening celebration.

The bar side of the Bull Pen offers electronic pull tabs, pool, foosball, Connect Four, and a jukebox.

I'm just guessing this will be a great watering hole to pregame before ND Country Fest this year.  Next time you're cruising down I94 heading west and you see Salem Sue approaching, you might want to veer off and give The Bull Pen a shot.

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