Season 28 of The Bachelor has been an interesting one on ABC.

32 women (the largest cast ever on the show) tried to garner the attention of pro tennis player Joe Graziadei.  After last week's "The Women Tell All" episode we're now down to the final two.

One of these women is from Becker, Minnesota and her name is Daisy Kent.

Becker, Minnesota is located between St. Cloud and Minneapolis.  Daisy has been a fan favorite all season as she has managed to avoid a plethora of drama that has happened with several of the women throughout the season.

Daisy has been very open about her battle with Lyme disease and hearing loss.  She's shared her experiences with her cochlear implant and has even written a children's book about hearing loss.  Daisy was also the first woman to receive a one-on-one date with the bachelor Joey Graziadei.

On the very first episode this season Daisy Kent was even one of the few women who received a kiss from the bachelor Joey.

Daisy Kent grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Minnesota, and the set of The Bachelor even had a Christmas tree set up near the two in episode one.

The other woman remaining in the mix to be chosen by Joey Graziadei is Kelsey Anderson.

Kelsey Anderson is from New Orleans, Louisiana, and has also not been involved in much drama this season much like Daisy.

SPOILER ALERT: One online site claims Daisy Kent from Minnesota is your winner of this season's The Bachelor.

This is something I shared with you after the first episode.

I knew it!  You could just tell the sparks were flying between them.  According to Stylecaster, sources say that Joey does eventually propose to Daisy, and she says, "Yes", and they are engaged today.

Now before you decide not to even bother watching the finale altogether, every season there are sites like this that make predictions and they're not always right.

Time will tell, but if The Bachelor does indeed choose Daisy, I believe he chose wisely.

We will likely find out who will be the next "Bachelorette" tonight when they do the "After the Final Rose Ceremony" segment.  The show will start at 7 pm tonight on ABC and run for 3 hours, so make sure you have plenty of popcorn.

Video courtesy of Bachelor Nation On ABC YouTube channel.

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