A very popular kid's birthday party and family restaurant in North Dakota has closed its doors unexpectedly.

This is a place where we had my son's birthday party before and dined at several times when we were in the area.

Many feared this restaurant was going to be closed for good after the pandemic.  It did shut down for a while but that was only to receive a makeover only to reopen again.

According to KVRR TV station in Fargo, Chuck E. Cheese's in Fargo has suddenly closed its doors.

This time it appears for good.  A sign outside the restaurant reads "Sorry, we're closed...thank you for the fun and memories!"

I was at Chuck E Cheese's in Fargo a couple of months ago for a family get-together with friends and I was very impressed with all of the changes inside the restaurant.  There were plenty of new games, and the restaurant really had a modern look to it.

According to CNBC, Chuck E. Cheese's parent company filed for bankruptcy back in 2020.

They are owned by CEC Entertainment,  and also own another pizza chain known as "Peter Piper Pizza chains".

According to Wikipedia, Chuck E. Cheese's is the first family restaurant to combine food with arcade games, and animated entertainment, thus being a pioneer in the "family entertainment center" business model.

I'm pretty sure there are a lot of devastated kids and families in the eastern part of the state today after losing Chuck E. Cheese.  This was the only location that Chuck E. Cheese's operated in North Dakota.

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