By this time last year, we were already deep into winter over most of North Dakota.

I think back to this photo taken the first week in December of last year where the snow is near to the top of this street sign.  Think about how high those street signs actually are.  That's a serious amount of snow.  Rural snow plows were barely keeping up with the almost daily snows.  Same within the city limits of Bismarck, Mandan, and Lincoln.

Rick Rider
Rick Rider

We were hit with a snowstorm in early November of 2022 and it didn't stop snowing until April of 2023.

We nearly broke an all-time record in Bismarck with over 100-plus inches of snowfall last season.

Here we are a year later and we just came off a "brown" Thanksgiving (which is very rare) and looking at the long-range forecast for December, we could have the possibility of a "brown" Christmas as well (that almost never happens).

If you're longing for a "white" Christmas these would be the most likely cities to see snow in North Dakota.

According to HomeSnacks, these are the 10 Snowiest Cities in North Dakota. (Cities with a population of 1000 or more)

Based on data from Saturday Night Science and (NOAA) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration database.

10. Surrey, North Dakota with 46.5 inches of annual snowfall.

9.  Burlington, North Dakota with 47.5 inches of annual snowfall.

8.  Minot, North Dakota with 47.5 inches of annual snowfall.

7.  Watford City, North Dakota with 48.2 inches of annual snowfall.

6.  Mandan, North Dakota with 48.7 inches of annual snowfall.

5.  Horace, North Dakota with 49.8 inches of annual snowfall.

4.  Bismarck, North Dakota with 50.1 inches of annual snowfall.

3.  West Fargo, North Dakota with 50.7 inches of annual snowfall.

2.  Fargo, North Dakota with 52.1 inches of annual snowfall.

1.  Bowman, North Dakota with 54.1 inches of annual snowfall.

Bowman being number one is a shocker to me.  Southwest North Dakota has a reputation for being so dry.  Where's my hometown of Grand Forks?  The Forks has a reputation for snow and cold.  As it turns out, it's mostly just cold.  Three of the four major cities in North Dakota are well represented (Bismarck area, Minot area, and Fargo area).




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