Last year  I asked my listeners on social media, on our app, and on-air who has the best caramel rolls in all of North Dakota.

I kind of forgot about my impromptu poll last year, so I figured it was about time to compile the data.  I took in about a thousand votes, and more than 50 different truck stops, cafes, grocery stores, and restaurants were mentioned.

My head is spinning from all this math.  I was told there would be no math in 2024.  I was wrong.

I consider myself a bit of a caramel roll consisoure.


With all my travel across our great state fishing and hunting, I get to come across the morsels of deliciousness quite often.  In my opinion, the more caramel, the better.  I also enjoy it when the caramel is crystalized making it almost like a caramel candy on top of the roll.

Some of my listeners voted for their favorite friends who bake delicious caramel rolls in their own kitchens.  Everybody appreciates homemade caramel rolls but this poll was for businesses, so I'm sorry but those homes were left out.

Feel free to drop off some of those caramel rolls to this poor DJ on Memorial Highway in Mandan if you would like.

So, without further ado, these are The 11 Best Caramel Roll Joints in all of North Dakota.

I am going to add that Valley Dairy in Grand Forks should've made the list.  They even use ice cream in their caramel sauce.  So good!

(How many of these caramel rolls have you tried in your life???)

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