5 important bar rules in North Dakota to know and observe.

These go for anywhere in the Midwest (North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, etc) but seem to ring especially true in North Dakota.

As somebody who has spent a fair amount of time in both smokey and non-smokey bars over the course of my life, I certainly concur with the video I'm about to show you.

All of these rules apply to just about any bar you might encounter in North Dakota.

It doesn't matter if you're hitting up the local neighborhood dive bar or the hot new happening college bar.  Stick to these 5 rules, and you are sure to be accepted and you won't become an outcast at the same time.

So, without further ado, here are the 5 must-do Midwest Bar Rules courtesy of You Betcha Facebook Page.

#5 When buying pull tabs ALWAYS see if anybody else from the table wants in.

Pull tabs is a team sport for sure.  It also increases the chance of a big jackpot win.  Yes, you'll have to share with the table but it tips the odds in your favor.

#4 When there's one cheese curd (or any food) left in a basket you must wait a minimum of 15 minutes before touching it.

It's a classy thing to do.  Don't be that guy or girl who just grabs the last one, and of course, you must ASK if anybody else wants it first.

#3 Stick to the hits when it comes to your music selections at the jukebox.

Play the classics, play the hits.  Nobody wants to hear the new music you have discovered at a bar.

#2 When ordering a drink at the bar don't be a JACKA$$!

Don't waive your money around or yell at the bartender.  Just give them eye contact and wait your turn.

#1 Never load another person's cup with bar dice.

This is like breaking a window, walking under a ladder, or stepping on cracks in the street.  Never, never, EVER!  You just don't do it.

Follow these 5 rules and you're most likely to be accepted at any North Dakota bar and won't be known as a douchebag.

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