The unofficial start to summer is always the Memorial Day long weekend.

There are really 3 weekends that I keep an eye on each summer when it comes to weather.  The Memorial Day weekend, the Fourth of July weekend, and the Labor Day weekend.

So many of us in North Dakota live for the weekends in the summertime.  Whether you are a lake person (like me), a river person, or somebody who enjoys camping, there's nothing like being in the great outdoors in North Dakota.

Of course, the weather in North Dakota can disrupt or even ruin a summer weekend.  I remember a lot of very cold Memorial Day weekends.  Really, only the 4th of July weekend is the only one of the 3 holidays in the summer, that you can count on for pretty good weather.

So, I decided to do some digging into the long-range forecast for us in North Dakota for the Memorial Day weekend.

I wish I had better news  Now, keep in mind 7 plus days is a long way out for a forecast.  Most weather guys I know have a hard time forecasting what's happening tomorrow, let alone a week out (except our meteorologists at Severe Weather Studios).

According to the 10-day forecast from the Weather Channel for Bismarck, we could be in for a soggy and cooler Memorial Day weekend.

The Weather Channel Screenshot
The Weather Channel Screenshot

Again, still a long way out, so things could certainly change, but you might want to bring along a board game or two if you are heading to the lake like me.  Rain and temps in the mid-60s.  It doesn't look like a complete washout, but the weather could disrupt your plans.

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