Radco on the strip in Mandan is temporarily closed.

"Radco at 4018 Memorial Highway in Mandan, North Dakota is temporarily closed."  That's according to the official Radco website.  I reached out for information from other Radco stores across North Dakota but I was unable to find anyone available for comment.

We don't have the exact date that Radco temporarily closed but it's estimated since sometime in October of 2023.

In case you're wondering what is a Radco store?  They sell interior and exterior truck accessories.  Toppers, bed liners, floor mats, etc. Some of the brands they offer include products from WeatherTech, LEER, Thule, Luverne, Putco, and others.

The store in Mandan is still full of inventory.

I decided to stop by the store just down the street on the strip from us here at Townsquare Media to take a look myself.  Yep, the building is still full of inventory, so it's hard to tell what is exactly going on.  What would cause it to close temporarily?

The first thought is not being able to find enough employees willing to work.  That certainly has been an issue for so many other businesses that have closed up shop in Bismarck Mandan ever since COVID.

This Radco in Mandan hasn't been open all that long.

They just opened their doors for the first time back in January of 2020.  So, Radco in Mandan hasn't been open all that long.  There's certainly plenty of rumors floating around but it seems the longer they stay temporarily closed the more likelihood they will not be reopening.

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