Am I the only one that just heard about this?  Why are people lining up outside Target stores hours before they open?  Why is there a limit on how many of these tumblers you can buy?  Why are they checking ID's? So many questions. I'll do my best to answer what I can for you here.

Crowds are lining up as early as 3 a.m. at Targets for their chance to get their hands on the exclusive pink "Galentine's Day" Starbucks Stanley cups.

Not gonna lie, I saw the term "Stanley cups" and wondered what hockey had to do with all of this?  Oh and the answer to that is nothing.  Stanley is a brand of tumbler.  Target has been on the Stanley bandwagon for a while.  The craze really got going in 2023 and judging by the demand for these tumblers, it looks like it won't slow down in 2024.

The big release that caused this particular craze was these new pink and red limited edition Stanley Valentines Day collection tumblers that everyone wants so bad.  The popularity is hottest with tweens, teens and twenty-somethings according to Country Living Magazine.  So if you need a gift for someone in that age range, this may be your answer.  If you can find them in stock.

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Apparently California, Nevada and Illinois are all experiencing the same thing.  The video in this Tik Tok was recorded in Phoenix.

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There are limits to how many you can buy.  That's an effort to curb resale on third party websites.  But you can find them already being resold for $100 or more. Some locations were even checking ID's in an effort to limit households.
Target headquarters are here in Minnesota, so did this already come through Minnesota or should we be bracing for impact?

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