This is no 'the one that got away story'.  Nope, this one was reeled in by a gal about as big as this massive muskie!  However, it was almost just a story.  The resort on Minnesota's Lake of the Woods where it was caught, Zippel Bay Resort, heard about it but they had to track it down.  End result is this massively impressive muskie.

50.5" muskie for Leah Saffart from Rice Lake, Wisconsin! A very rare occurrence in the Zippel Bay area . We heard about it and finally received a picture. It was caught about a week ago, the fish was well over 30 pounds. Sure it was a heck of a battle. Congratulations Leah!

How can you not be excited for Leah?  That had to be super exciting.  The folks in the comments felt the excitement too.


Katie Ann Fitterer - Congratulations little lady! That’s awesome! Put it on your wall.
Kevin Erickson - Wow, amazing fish! Congrats young lady! Fish of a lifetime, especially through the ice!
Joan Gehrls - Awesome catch young lady. Something that may never happen again. CONGRATULATIONS
Carrie Schultz - I bet that took a long time to reel up. Great work.

Shannan Hoeft-Topp - Wow! What a monster…it’s BIGGER than her

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Obviously this hasn't been a year with a lot of ice fishing highlights due to the mild temperatures.  But there is a fun one where a mink burrows into the ice house and steals a walleye.  Best of all, it was all captured on video!  Watch and read about it HERE.

Again, back to the mild conditions.  Although that is slowly changing, you should be aware of some restrictions HERE.


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