This is one of those things we all do to pass the time; we look up home listings in the area just to see what is out there and how much things cost.

We all daydream about living lavish lives with mansions and boats and butlers. Why not do that now? Take a break from working and stretch your imagination a little.

This is one of those homes you probably have seen from afar. I mean, it's hard to miss.

This mansion is listed on by Paramount Real Estate. It is a whopping 7,325 sq feet, and sits at 4508 Shoreview Pl SE Mandan on a .97 acre lot.

It has 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and a garage.

How Much?

How much will this one cost you? -- Oh nothing too bad, just $2,395,000... gulp. So, now that we've established we will never be able to afford this place, lets take a look at its insides.

The Guts

Mandan's Massive Mansion Up For Sale

This one is insane!

Overall Impression

Bravo! It's beautiful.

Sometimes you look at these big mansions, and they feel a little cold; I think the wood and warm tones really make this place feel less clinical and more cozy.

The attention to detail here is also pretty impressive.

Would I live in this mansion, if it were given to me...? Probably not.

I say this, not because I wouldn't want to, but because I am very certain I could never afford utilities on a place like this, but it's fun to dream, isn't it?

Thanks for reading, ttfn!



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