According to KFYR-TV, the Jaycee Park is now open in Mandan, ND. The park has been under construction for a while and has officially opened. According to the article the park is sponsored by AARP and will include a sun-sail for shade, an elliptical, step up station, and pull up bars.

This is awesome that the city of Mandan, ND finally got this project complete and is finally accessible for the people to use. It's awesome that we are finally getting some new great things around the area. According to KFYR-TV, the Bismarck Parks and Recreation will have work out classes that are free to attend beginning June 8, 2021. Will you be going to the free workout classes?

I think this is an awesome asset for the local area to got this. It's free to use and should be open year-round. I've been told by a few friends that they're really excited for this to open and hope to use it. I'm going to have to check this out and it's awesome to look forward to this park. With the recent pandemic it's going to be nice to finally use it and get our minds off the real world.

The last time I drove by which was a few weeks ago they were still working on the park and the Mandan, ND library. It's going to be great when they get the library done, I'm excited to see what it's going to look like when it's complete.


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