Following a rather, um, energetic opening number in which Justin Timberlake transformed the 2017 Oscars into a vaguely kid-friendly dance club featuring his song from Trolls, Jimmy Kimmel took the stage to deliver his opening monologue. In case you missed it, never fear because ABC has graciously uploaded it for your viewing pleasure.

Kimmel started off with some rather safe and inoffensive political humor involving a weird shout-out to Mel Gibson before thankfully transitioning to a bit about his classic fake feud with Matt Damon. Look, no one expects a risky opening from Jimmy Kimmel, but compared to last year, this is Sesame Street — actually, Sesame Street would be edgier. (If you want a truly hilarious awards show opener, watch Nick Kroll and John Mulaney’s bit from last night’s Independent Spirit Awards.)

OK, it’s not entirely safe — Kimmel does call Trump a racist and mock Matt Damon for making The Great Wall, and makes an Ivanka joke about Meryl Streep’s dress. And, to be fair, he recognizes Isabelle Huppert for the incredible talent that she is, and, like, honestly, we should all be grateful that she exists.

Watch the monologue in full above, and keep checking back for our full 2017 Oscar coverage.

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