Journey have released “You Got the Best of Me,” the latest single from their upcoming album Freedom.

The song opens with some otherworldly synths before breaking into a driving guitar line, backed by a pulsating beat. Vocal harmonies also highlight the energetic track, but it's Neal Schon who shines brightest. Around the 2:45 mark, the guitarist delivers an incendiary solo, and continues wailing away during the chorus' refrain.

Lyrically, “You Got the Best of Me” focusses on love, with its story told from the perspective of someone who has tried and failed with romance in the past. The opening verse reads: "For so long I wondered where my heart would lead me / Couldn't seem to find someone who'd let me be me / Ended up in situations I'd regret / I chose to change my reckless ways instead."

Listen to “You Got the Best of Me" below.

With the release of “You Got the Best of Me," Journey also announced that Freedom -- their sixteenth studio album and first in more than a decade -- will arrive July 8. The band’s last LP, Eclipse, came out in 2011. “You Got the Best of Me” is the second song released from the upcoming album, following "The Way We Used to Be," which came out last June.

Last month, keyboardist Jonathan Cain noted to UCR that Journey “step out a little bit” on the new LP. “A lot of the jams were kind of free-form,” he explained. “So Neal was working hard and I was there for him, and we worked together through the whole thing. The songs came from all kinds of places, creatively. But I think it's just a combination of everything Journey has been. To get back into Journey was really fun.”

Journey is currently out on their Freedom 2022 North American tour. The trek, which features Toto as the opening act, started Feb. 22 in Pittsburgh and is currently scheduled to run through Aug. 8.

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