Going into tonight's eliminations, Everyone was hoping Kat would be safe. In the end, we were left hoping that the 3rd time would continue to be a charm.

Tonight saw the top 5 narrowed down to the Top 3 that would make the Season Finale.

Once again, Kat would not get one of the guaranteed spots into the Final. Having to sing one more time to earn her spot, she turned to Carrie Underwood's "Good Girl." With an amazing performance to help her along, it was all up to twitter once again for the #VoiceSave.

Unfortunately, this time around she could not beat internet sensation Christina Grimmie in the voting and was eliminated.

Congrats are due to Kat, who beat the odds and made it extremely far on The Voice. We all know this is just the beginning for her and will be seeing more of her soon!

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