WDAZ News reports that the North Dakota Senate agreed to pass legislation expanding distracted driving laws in North Dakota.

The measure had previously passed the House according to WDAZ.

Under the new bill, (HB 1430), a $100 fine can be imposed for any who commits a traffic violation due to performing an act "not necessary to operating a vehicle."

As sad as we are to report, operating your radio is not necessary to operate the vehicle. Therefore, before you take your car out of park, turn us on your radio, and leave it tuned to us! (Also don't text and drive).

The offense still remains a secondary offense though. That means if a police officer were to see you operating your phone or the radio or eating or doing something else, but you were not committing any traffic violations, they cannot pull you over. You can only be cited for distracted driving if you are pulled over for another reason.

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