You my friends are guilty as well. Go ahead and insist you don't text and drive.  I don't text and drive either!  But, I would be a "text"-book case for $100 fine from the Burleigh County Sheriff's Department.

First off, I ABSOLUTELY APPLAUD Law Enforcement Agencies when they get clever in apprehending those of us showing no respect for the law.  Shoot, I'd make my law enforcement living just working on the top of the hill in Mandan, busting every driver traveling north from Burger King heading towards the refinery.  It would be a speeding ticket massacre. But, y'know "you do the crime, you do the time" or in this case pay the fine. So, I'm fine when law enforcement catches you or me doing something illegal- that's their job!

I just hate it when I'm trying to do the right thing. I guess "trying" never helped some kid killed by distracted driving.  So I can, should, and will do better. I started this whole thing by saying I don't text and drive so what am I worried about?

Here's my confession- I do keep my phone handy and if someone texts me while I'm driving, I will take a quick peek at the message while I'm PARKED AT A STOPLIGHT. Don't judge, you're in front of me doing the same thing. I'm not even replying- just checking the message.

Last week in a special overtime "sting" operation KFYR TV notes the Burleigh County Sheriff's Department wrote up 55 citations- most for distracted driving.

How they do it?

They had an undercover officer on foot at the stoplight. The officer would see you look at your phone while stopped at the light.  They then radio the four officers on the road ahead. Poised, to scoop up distracted drivers like you and me.  That's a hundred bucks right there.

So next time you're giving five bucks to the "homeless guy with a sad sign" on the off-ramp...make sure to keep your eyes off your phone.

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