Keith Moon took rock 'n' roll excess and made it into something approaching performance art. Don't believe us? Check out the below video as we take a look back at a few of the late Who drummer's craziest antics.

And make no mistake, it was pretty crazy from the beginning. Find out more about a particularly festive celebration held for Moon on his 21st birthday. The cops where eventually called to the Holiday Inn in Flint, Mich., but not before copious amounts of nudity, food slinging and property damage took place. There was also blood.

Keith Moon's Craziest Antics

Moon wasn't simply a wild man while out on the road, either. The late actor Steve McQueen – who found himself living next door to the rambunctious drummer – could certainly attest to that. As the video shows, this ultimately became the tale of a guard dog biting a man, but also a man biting a dog.

The Who were known for smashing their instruments. Soon, Moon must have become bored with physically tearing his toms to shreds. You can also explore one of his most explosive – and that's a quite literal description – performances ever. And it happened on national television, so we have the visual evidence.

He eventually decided to up the ante on pre-show imbibing too. Not content simply to drink himself silly, Moon actually tried something much, much stronger before a San Francisco show in 1973 – with perhaps predictably disastrous results.

There's more. Hit play on the above video as we explore the wild side of rock's wildest legend.

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