Protests shouldn't be about "presentation", but, if you want your message to have max's some helpful hints.

Labor Day is still a few days away!  Still plenty of time to raid the corner store's construction paper and poster board supply, and get yourself the proper goods to come up with an eye-popping presentation that will be sure to have the uninitiated joining your march and chanting your catchy chants.

Make sure your sign commands attention along with contemplative thought.

Seriously, unless you come right up on this person...most of the information in blue is completely lost.  It's just so wordy and forgettable.  Now, "PROTECT PEACEFUL PROTEST" That could be a crowd chant if you found something to rhyme with it...


The website 99 designs has some great tips so you can have that "max impact" pounding the protest pavement this Labor Day.  Here's some of the thoughts from the website. 

1) Have a clear message.

Not like the sign above with it's "protesting isn't disturbing the peace' jibber jabber.

2) Use humor and wit.

99 designs has some great examples here like "I carry a gun because a cop won't fit in my purse"  Plus, there's naked ladies and body kind of humor.

3) Keep it simple

"Do not buy where you can't be hired".  Classic and to the point.

4) Remember that presentation matters.

Readability is crucial- the use of sequins and sparkles is up to you.

5) Be passionate.

But, still be respectful of those that may not agree with your well-crafted painted macaroni message.

There's still time for you to knock this Labor Day's peaceful protest march outta the park!

Here's what you need to know about the upcoming march!  This from Facebook.

Event by Katie Schnaible
Public  · Anyone on or off Facebook
Join us on September 6th, Labor Day, at 4 pm to stand against the mandated Covid vaccinations.
We plan to start at the Capitol and march from there to the Bismarck hospitals to call for an end to these forced medical decisions.
This is not JUST for healthcare workers. If they are able to mandate it in healthcare facilities it is coming to YOUR WORKPLACE next!!
WHERE your workplace uniform, red, white, and blue, or other patriotic wear!
BRING signs, flags, and a friend!
Y'all can use that if you like.

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