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There's an organization that allows kids to express themselves through activities and one of those was in Minot this weekend. 

The organization is called Full Steam Ahead and its offers kids an outlet to creatively express themselves in the world of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.  The organization is in Minot and this past weekend was host to a special event called The Lego Robotics League Regional Tournament. 

Elijah Lockhart had one of the teams competing:

“It was really fun. It was fun to work with robots, it was fun to work together, and it was fun to code the runs,” Elijah said.

Elijah's team of engineers is one of 18 teams that took over the Minot State campus to showcase their Lego robotics skills.

Elijah's team came from Minot Air Force Base, but teams traveled as far as Williston and Bottineau to compete.

Teamwork is one of the most important lessons learned in this competition.

“Other parts of the project of core values is teamwork. So you have a group of two to ten students and they need to work together. It's okay if one takes leadership but they need to figure out as leaders how to bring the rest of the team into the project,” said tournament coordinator Allison Auch.

Only eight of these teams will advance to state, but all of them seemed to enjoy working together.

“Most of the time we were just working together and making lots of jokes,” said one of Elijah’s teammates.

Combining man and machine to inspire the next generation of engineers.

The state championship takes place on February 9th in Grand Forks.

Lego Robots Unite! The full story is at

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