Absolutely, not a photo of the Leinie logo lady. But I couldn't find a licensed one I could use.  So see the logo here and then let's read on...

From Leinies own FAQ page

The Native American Indian who graces our label is a symbol of the rich heritage of our area. Leinenkugel’s® has been brewed in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, for over 145 years. The Santee Sioux and Ojibways were the area’s first native settlers. Chippewa Falls also lies in the heart of what is called the Indian Head Country. The Indian Head area was so named because the border of the northwest corner of Wisconsin forms the profile of an Indian. We’ve featured the Native American Indian on our label since the 1930s as a tribute to this special area that is rich in Indian history.

De-Navitize, is my totally made up word. Google won't recognize it, so I expect I'll sue you if you use it.  North Dakota is still exhausted from a little disagreement by the name of "The Fighting Sioux".  So, we know the drill.

It's an avalanche of the "woke" movement that is sweeping products like Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben's, Mrs.Butterworth, and many more, off the shelf and into the re-branding bin. Racial branding, or the appearance of, got real ugly real fast. Even another one close to home, Land O'Lakes has changed the "butter maiden".

FDA Moves To Ban Main Source Of Trans Fats From American Food Supply
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She's gone now. But, to their credit the were actually ahead of the "woke" wave. See that story here.

So, the story of cigar store indians, Calumet Baking Powder, Eskimo Pies, and so many more are quite meticulously and well detailed here in what must be a university thesis. Click on that link to learn a little something.

A lot for discussion with the Mandan Braves in our backyard- but, can't we all agree that "Redskins" was a little over the line?

Who You Calling Redskins?




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