Back in March, when we all were coming to the realization that the coronavirus threat was not in fact just a seasonal virus, but indeed an oncoming catastrophic pandemic- many people did what they do best.  THEY SHOPPED!

Retail Sales Numbers Continue To Tumble
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Us non-shoppers referred to them as hoarders...because, all of a sudden- what happened to all the toilet paper, paper towels, disinfecting wipes, and cleaning supplies?  They disappeared like that!  But these shoppers weren't going to be done until they came for...all the meat!

Ban On U.S. Beef Lifted In Japan
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Not cool...

They had to have a place to store it all, so all the chest freezers sold out in weeks. We were stuck at home, so all the grills, bicycles and kids swimming pools sold out. Even hot tubs were flying off the shelves.

But slowly, grocery store shelves began filling once again.  The 72 rolls of toilet paper you amassed started to feel a little excessive. But some things are still in pretty short supply- cleaning and disinfecting supplies.  The very items we need to combat the spread of COVID.

So I was pleasantly pleased to see on Facebook, that earlier this month, Williquors made a very impressive donation to area schools

Williquors, your locally owned liquor superstore, has donated over 400 cases of hand sanitizer/topical solution to Bismarck Public Schools, Mandan Public Schools, Light of Christ Schools and surrounding communities. We are hoping for a safe return to school this year. Stay safe all teachers, faculty, parents and students!

So, I called up Williquors' General Manager Brent Skjerseth.  I grilled him about it until he threw out a number on those donations.  He figured it was over $40,000 worth of the stuff.  Seems, at this writing, there's still over 30 cases left. So, if you're a day care provider, nursing home, church, school, or need some for charitable event- you should grill Brent about it too.  Call him at 751-7373. Seriously, they want you to have it.

Ask him if they can help out with the pandemic pepperoni shortage as well.

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