Buckle up, the next generation of The Magic School Bus has arrived. The iconic kids’ show Rides Again with a first trailer for the revamped series, featuring SNL favorite Kate McKinnon as a new spin on the famous Ms. Frizzle, with a special guest role for Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Netflix released a first official trailer for The Magic School Bus Rides Again, setting a September 29 premiere and confirming Miranda would sing the updated series’ official theme song. The new trailer also clarifies that Grace and Frankie star Lily Tomlin will return to play the original “Professor” Valerie Frizzle, with McKinnon taking over as her sister Fiona:

The kids are back at Walkerville School for another school year of astonishing, out-of-this-world field trips in this all-new reimagining of the iconic science-comedy-adventure series The Magic School Bus. But this year, there’s a new Frizzle (Kate McKinnon)! The younger sister of the famed Professor Frizzle (Lily Tomlin) has taken over the classroom! But worry not – the new Ms Frizzle shares her sister’s zany ways and passion for science. Field trips this year are wilder than ever, into the clouds, across the internet, riding the continents – even a plunge into the depths of the Sun itself! And along the way, the kids we know and love bring their science investigations into the 21st century – still taking chances, making mistakes and getting messy!

We’ve seen how well ‘90s TV updates like the new DuckTales can work, so will The Magic School Bus Rides Again follow the same pattern? Stay tuned for more toward the September 29 premiere.

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