This movie will make me stupid-cry. Dog darned movie anyways.

Mandan returns with "Carpool Cinema" and we're back in the parking lot of the "Braves Center" in Mandan to watch another movie.

This time it's A Dog's Journey.

Two shows Saturday August 22nd at the drive in. Watch a trailer, buy your tickets, order dinner right here.

They say it's a comedy/drama...but be honest with me Dennis Quade, it's gonna make me misty isn't it?  I had the best guy in the world by the name of Titus and he looked a lot like the lead dog in this flick.

Want to see a grown man cry?  Show him Field Of Dreams,

Next to that, show your guy any sentimental movie about dogs, and if he's a dog-guy like me, it's just is a rush of memories of every thing, about every dog, that I've ever loved, and will forever miss.

Read "Marley and Me", I dare ya- it's a canine testimonial to the impenetrable relationship of a family and their dog.

Dogs Frolic In The Snow
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Me and Brenda still have this fine gentleman and my morning DJ sidekick Brody B by our side and are actively seeking a new female companion to join the family.


We hope to find the right young lady soon from one of the area's rescues, but it seems that thankfully, there are many others that are waiting in line to help these pups find a home that will love them as much as they love back.

You want to get sentimental like me?  Go see A Dogs Journey- get your tickets early as there's plenty of dog lovers that will come.  If you build a drive-in theater they will come.

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