Snow days are really cool when you're in school, well here's an extremely cold day. 

The Mandan Public schools are going to be closed tomorrow due to the extreme cold.

Here's their post on Facebook:

Due to the extremely cold temperatures expected tomorrow morning, Mandan Schools will be closed on Wednesday, January 30th. At this time, a tentative make-up date of Thursday, March 14th has been selected. Please adjust your calendars to accommodate this day.

If you're a parent, get ready to have the kids around the house tomorrow. Maybe there are some extra chores that you can have them do when they're there. This cold weather is affecting every aspect of this city right now from the busses not going out to the aforementioned school closings.

I asked my boss if that means we have no work tomorrow and got a nice firm No, you're still working. Ahh to be a kid again!

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