Mandan's newly-enacted Mask Plan is basically Bismarck's Pandemic Mitigation Strategy. Almost word-for-word. And so is every mask mandate, strategy, and guideline in some of North Dakotas biggest cities.

Did you know that as of 12:01 AM THIS morning (November 11), there is a mask mandate in Mandan? Last night, the Mandan City Commission had a special meeting where they voted on a COVID-19 Mask Plan. See which way each commissioner voted here.

So, we know that the governor has been leaving it up to cities to decide how to deal with masking up and physical distancing (formerly social distancing). And cities like Fargo, Minot, Grand Forks, Bismarck, and others have enacted mandates, strategies and guidelines that are fit for their individual communities. All of these recent pandemic enactments have almost the exact same wording - the new Mandan Mask Plan, included.

And do not forget that, earlier this week, Governor Burgum moved every county in North Dakota to level "Orange" (high-risk) on the North Dakota Smart Restart rainbow meter.

Seriously? What a headache for the people in our state to deal with!

The governor is encouraging "personal responsibility" in our communities while blanketing all communities under the same level of risk. On top of that, our cities are issuing those supposedly UNENFORCEABLE mandates, strategies, and guidelines. So, what is happening here? Is this not just causing mass confusion and panic?

I go into stores that have signs explicitly saying it is mandated to wear a mask to enter, but there are many who are not masking up. And the unenforceable enactments have odd specifications for not wearing masks - bride & groom at their wedding (guests are still supposed to wear masks, religious activities,  and voting - just to name a few.

Also, businesses can have people, who do not mask up and will not leave, charged with trespassing. Which, to me, causes even more confusion. I mean, this is not supposed to be enforceable, and a person could give a list of reasons why they are not wearing one.

Here are links to some mask guidelines enacted in North Dakota:

Since North Dakota cities are starting to be more uniform in their pandemic plans, do you think there will soon be statewide mask mandates and shutdowns?

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